Children with shoeboxes

We have sent 312 shoe boxes packed with Christmas gifts which will be given to the children of school ages, covering 4 villages (Cataloi, Frecatzei, Posta and Telitza) plus 41 children who attend Adrian and Gabriela's other Day Centre in the County Town of Tulcea. Massive thanks to all who donated the gifts for these boxes.

Community Education

For a few years now the Kindergarten and Primary schools at Cataloi have been sending a group of children to Casa Valentin two days a week during term time as part of their community education. In November we had requests from two other villages - Frecatzei and Posta - to send their children as well. This is a great reflection on the good educational side of our work in Romania as the teachers received glowing reports on the work done there.

Sunflower Seeds August 17

Latest newsletter with all the Summer time news from Casa Valentin.

Pastor Adrian

Pastor Adrian has had an unfortunate accident with a chainsaw, damaging two fingers on his left hand. Fortunately he is right-handed. As minister in charge of music at the local Baptist church, he is still able to play the keyboard, but is unlikely to be able to play the guitar again. The accident has not affected his driving, however. Please pray for his recovery and for the doctors helping him regain as much use of his hand as possible.

Candy Floss!

We have had a record number of children visiting Casa Valentin for this year’s summer holiday season and the children are really enjoying their holiday. A newly acquired ‘candy floss’ machine has proved immensely popular. The machine, which was given to the home by a well-wisher, is to be shared with Gabriela and Adrian’s sister charity “The Near-to-you Ministry Centre” in nearby Tulcea.

Extra staff for the holidays at Casa Valentin

One of our former carers, Violeta, who retired for personal reasons a couple of years ago, has re-joined the staff temporarily to help out during the very busy holiday season.

Easter Sunflower Seeds 2017

This summer edition of Sunflower Seeds depicts a cross-section of everyday life at Casa Valentin, and advertises the need for some new fruit trees for the garden. Most of the crops grown over recent years have been destroyed by flooding, and it seems sensible to replace these with hardy fruit trees instead.

Christmas Sunflower Seeds 2016

Learn of our biggest delivery of shoe boxes ever this past Christmas

Sunflower Seeds August 2016

Covering the latest news about Casa Valentin, our Annual Sunflower Celebration and our need of shoe boxes. There's also some interesting pictures of the children enjoying their summer holidays.

Sunflower Seeds April 2016

Recent visit of our Romanian manager Gabriela Popa and her husband... Social Programme activities... local schools project... 


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