Supporting the charity

We are grateful to God for the many churches, groups, and individuals who help and support us in prayer and financially.

Can you help us?

In order to continue providing holidays and social/educational help for many sick and needy children, we need to raise at least £3,000 each month.

link to online donation page

There are many ways that you can help us; through prayer, and giving your time and money. You could organise a fund-raising event such as a coffee morning, or do a sponsored event.

Fund-raising literature is available; we have leaflets; newsletters; collecting boxes, and freepost bags for inkjet cartridges and mobile phones – See below for details. Any other suggestions will be gratefully received.

We would love to hear from you, call us on 01277 375401 or click here to contact us, and if you would like us to send you any materials please let us know.

Below is our fundraising news.


Our Coffee Mornings continue to provide a time of fellowship for those who attend, whilst attracting a small but regular income for the charity each month. In June we will be holding our annual Summer Romania Days, designed to have a wider appeal with all kinds of gifts on sale. The proceeds will, of course, go towards the upkeep of Casa Valentin in Cataloi, Romania. Over 300 shoe boxes covered in bright Christmas wrapping paper and containing exciting toys, sweets, stationery, toiletries etc were sent to Romania last year.

Inkjet cartridges and mobile phones

The charity receives valuable funds for recycling these items and its much better than throwing them away!

  • Inkjet cartridges: We have freepost envelopes for original inkjet cartridges (not compatibles) from any inkjet printer (apart from Epson or Kodak - and no laser toners) . The charity receives £1 per cartidge.
  • You can order your own freepost envelopes direct from reccyle4charity - use this link, and the envelopes we will automatically be paid for any ink cartridges you send.
  • Mobile phones: Similarly we have freepost envelopes for which we receive anwhere from £1 to £30.