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Sunflower Seeds August 17

Latest newsletter with all the Summer time news from Casa Valentin.

Easter Sunflower Seeds 2017

This summer edition of Sunflower Seeds depicts a cross-section of everyday life at Casa Valentin, and advertises the need for some new fruit trees for the garden. Most of the crops grown over recent years have been destroyed by flooding, and it seems sensible to replace these with hardy fruit trees instead.

Easter Sunflower Seeds

In the latest issue of "Sunflower Seeds" we have a short survey of the year's activities at Casa Valentin, and advertise the need for some new fruit trees for the garden. Over the years we have lost most of the vegetable crops grown in the garden through flooding, and an extended orchard will prove to be much more useful in such inclement weather.

Christmas Sunflower Seeds 2016

Learn of our biggest delivery of shoe boxes ever this past Christmas

Sunflower Seeds August 2016

Covering the latest news about Casa Valentin, our Annual Sunflower Celebration and our need of shoe boxes. There's also some interesting pictures of the children enjoying their summer holidays.

Sunflower Seeds April 2016

Recent visit of our Romanian manager Gabriela Popa and her husband... Social Programme activities... local schools project... 


See all that's been going on these summer months at Casa Valentin.


How do Romanian children celebrate Easter? Find out in the latest newsletter from Casa Valentin. We have also included details of the recent upgrades we have made to the Sports Field and the Living Room at Casa Valentin.