Ukrainian Refugees Update

You will be pleased to hear that we now have a new cook – Elena – who lives in Cataloi. The staff are working very hard to help the Ukrainian refugees, and below are extracts from an email sent by Adrian and Gabriela, bringing us up to date with all that is going on at Casa Valentin. We are so grateful for the many donations we have received in aid of the refugees. Adrian writes:

“With a total of almost 500 people that stayed from 1 to 3 nights at Casa Valentin until today, March 16th, and maybe another 500 helped with either translation/orientation/ transportation from the Customs border point to Cataloi, or even picking them up from some northern cities, we are most blessed to have this great opportunity. The way we see it, direct contact with the refugees is a great thing. A blend of love, faith and hope coming from our team in contact with despair, hopelessness, weakened or even broken down spirits, anger, and frustration, gives us the opportunity of being a vivid, real testimony about a God that is known in theory but now proven in life experiences.

The rhythm of refugees coming through Customs has decreased a little bit yesterday. We had 29 souls on Monday at Casa Valentin and yesterday morning we were left with 5 (until noon). The rest of them have been helped to go to other places like Bucharest, Constanta, Ploiesti, Câmpina (Romanian locations) and even further on, to Germany, Netherlands, Israel and Spain. But last night more came and so we had 36 last night, 31 this morning at lunch. The 5 that were yesterday at noon, have today left.

The Emergency Unit that works at the Border point in Isaccea, now rules over the destinations refugees are offered to go. They arrive and after they are sorted by where they think they would like to go, they either get on busses or wait in a huge triage tent. Some stay 1 or 2 nights, either waiting for some of their left behind relatives to catch up, or because they have no clue where to go. For those who are most vulnerable, (handicap people, elderly people, mothers with small children) those in charge have lists of available places like Casa Valentin. For those who do come to us we have to provide transportation to Cataloi and then onwards to their future destinations.

Yesterday we had a visit from Emil Toader – Mission Link International Romania – and he brought basic food (flour, maize, rice, cooking oil, pasta, sugar and also some tomato pasta) packed in a small van, (a 20 year old faithful van that still runs). The van will stay with us for a month to help us to transport people around the local area. Yesterday the van brought a group of 7 people and their luggage from Isaccea to Casa Valentin. They were waiting for hours for someone to pick them up but 7 is too much for a small car, and too little for a bus. So they have to wait. But we just got the van and it started immediately to be used!

Thank you all for your continued support, especially the extra amounts sent in February and March for the refugees. May God allow us to serve His Kingdom and be a testimony for the lost, wether they are refugees or not! Adrian and Gabriela”.


The money we have sent so far has been spent on: Urgent Needs (mattresses, beds, bedding, blankets, etc) Health products including Pampers, Formula, Toilet paper, Soap and sanitizing items, Equipment (cleaning, cooking, laundry bought/repaired), heating (24 hours a day and in every room!) Electricity for heating and all equipment including Hair Dryers, Irons and charging mobile phones, Food and Fruit, and Fuel for transportation (for cars and vans including taking refugees to the doctor and to Tulcea for shopping and financing purchase of clothes when refugees arrive with only the clothes they are wearing).

We are expecting that the expenses for March will be much higher than usual for electricity, water (showers, washing machines, drinking water and cleaning much more than usual), sewage (cesspit now having to be emptied weekly), food and salaries (to include the additional cook). The Sunflower Fellowship is continuing to send extra payments to Adrian and Gabriela as necessary and wish to thank you all for your generosity and prayers.

With best wishes from the Trustees.